This little bear can do more than you think.

There’s no denying that toys can bring sick or injured children cheer during a bleak time, comfort in an unfamiliar place, and distraction from the fears that plague them.

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Researchers have proven that toys can make a difference.

A toy can soothe fear and anxiety.

For children in hospital, playtime means more than just an emotional outlet. A teddy-bear hug brings sick children comfort and companionship, allowing them to better work through their feelings during a long-term illness. When you share a Smiles the Bear, you’re giving a child battling cancer the chance for happier days, hope for healing, and a welcome distraction on their path to recovery.

A toy can help hospital staff bond with children.

Toys can change how pediatric patients view healthcare workers, transforming them from scary strangers into caring helpers. Nurses often use play as a healthcare strategy, particularly for preparing those who are about to undergo surgery and other painful or unpleasant procedures. Teddy bears can become models for demonstrating to the child how a procedure will be done.

A toy motivates kids to get better.

Stuffed animals are a wonderful tool to inspire sick children to push through even the toughest of times. Smiles the Bear provides a welcome diversion on days when a sick child feels well enough to play but can’t leave their hospital room. Happy thoughts and an active imagination can often be the best medicine.

Two bears are better than one.

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